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Air Conditioning  Maintenance in Indian Trail, Matthews and Charlotte, NC and Surrounding Areas

Keeping Your Air Conditioner Working Optimally With Air Conditioner Maintenance in Indian Trail, Matthews, and Charlotte, NC

Ah, that refreshing feeling as you turn your air conditioning unit on. Perhaps you are heading home from work, and looking forward to the breeze that you know your home will have. But as you get home you realize, Dang! The thing is not working. We can help prevent that with Air Conditioning Maintenance in Indian Trail, Matthews, and Charlotte, NC


What Air Conditioning Maintenance in Indian Trail, Matthews, and Charlotte, NC Entails

The maintenance service done on your AC unit differs from contractor to contractor. However, here at Air Doctor of  the Carolinas, we perform all the checks, replacement, and maintenance tricks in order to ensure you get a bang for your buck from your AC unit in terms of efficiency and performance. Some of our routine maintenance check-up processes include:

  • Assessing your thermostat.
  • Ensuring electrical connections and wiring is in place, absent signs of wear and tear.
  • Lubricating various moving components to ensure that they are working efficiently.
  • Ensuring the condensate drain is clean, and free of obstruction.
  • Inspecting the outdoor unit.
  • Replacing the air filter if necessary.
  • Cleaning the coil responsible for the chemical reaction that produces cool air.
  • Ensuring refrigerant levels are optimal.
  • Maintenance of the blower component.

How Often Do You Need To Worry About AC Maintenance?

The good news is that Air Conditioning Maintenance in Indian Trail, Matthews, and Charlotte, NC  is not something that you have to worry about on a monthly basis. In fact, we only recommend that you schedule a maintenance check-up once, or twice a year.

Of course, the benefits of a maintenance check-up is increased efficiency, and through this cost-savings. However, on top of this our technicians will also be able to find any manifesting problems, and rectify them before they become costly – or fatal to your machine.


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