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AC Tune-Up in Charlotte

Ac tune up

Air Doctor of The Carolinas can help you with a professional AC Tune-Up in the Greater Charlotte Area. An AC Tune-Up ensures your air conditioner is ready to perform reliably all season long. There's nothing worse than being stranded in the heat, so let's get the service scheduled with our AC contractor today.

It's not uncommon for one of our customers in the Indian Trail or surrounding area to miss the scheduled preventive maintenance. If summer has already arrived, it's never too late to get an AC Tune-Up service from our experienced AC company. At minimum, you'll find out what to expect from your air conditioner and prepare it for the rest of the season.

Our Professional AC Tune-Ups

During your air conditioning tune-up, our technician focuses primarily on improving the overall performance of your machine. They scrutinize every nut, bolt, nook, and cranny to ensure that you are getting the best possible performance from your unit.

  • Testing and assessing your thermostat.
  • Ensuring electrical connections and wiring is in place, absent signs of wear and tear.
  • Lubricating various moving components to ensure that they are working efficiently.
  • Ensuring the condensate drain is clean, and free of obstruction.
  • Inspecting the outdoor unit.
  • Replacing the air filter if necessary.
  • Cleaning the coil responsible for the chemical reaction that produces cool air.
  • Ensuring refrigerant levels are optimal.
  • Maintenance of the blower component.

When to Get AC Tune-Ups

An AC Tune-Up service isn't something that you have to worry about on a monthly basis. In fact, we only recommend that you schedule it once a year for your air conditioner, preferably just before the days start heating up; that would be early spring in the Matthews and Charlotte area.

Of course, the benefits of getting air conditioning maintenance is the increased efficiency of your equipment and the energy cost savings this will provide your household. In addition, our technicians will also be able to find manifesting problems so that you can rectify them before they become a costly repair or replacement.

Recent AC Tune-up Projects

Charlotte AC Tune-Up and Coil Cleaning

Charlotte AC Tune-Up and Coil Cleaning

Our Charlotte AC company conducts AC tune-ups as part of regular maintenance for both our residential and commercial clients. This was a Charlotte AC tune-up that also required a thorough acid washing...

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