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5 Signs It's Time to Call a Tech for Heat Pump Repairs

5 signs heat pump repairs

Your heat pump should be doing a good job of heating and cooling your home. Sometimes, there are obviously problems that send you to the phone to call a technician for heat pump repairs while other times the problems aren't so obvious.

To help you identify some of the most common problems that mean it's time to call a technician for heat pump repairs, our Charlotte AC company wants to offer the following tips. If you need service in Charlotte or the surrounding areas, give us a call.

1. Weak Air Flow Through Your Air Vents

Is one or more of your air ducts producing weak air flow or no air at all? There could be a number of causes for this, involving everything from a blocked air duct and air duct leak to dirt buildup and a crimped flexible duct system. Consider asking a technician to troubleshoot your heat pump so you can solve the problem.

2. Temperature Of The Air From The Vents Is Wrong

If air is flowing through your HVAC vents but it's the wrong temperature, a technician will need to troubleshoot the problem with your heat pump.

Even if you do feel some cool air coming through the air vents in your house, the temperature may be wrong. You may easily notice that the air is warm when it should be cool, or you may only realize that the house is a little warmer than it usually is. Either way, call a professional in so that they can test the temperature of the air and provide a correct diagnosis.

3. Your Heat Pump Is Short Cycling

Do you constantly hear your air conditioner kick on even though you're being modest about the temperature setting this summer? Whether you're running the heating or cooling system of your heat pump, this is a short cycling problem that needs attention.

Most commonly, short cycling causes the condenser motor to burn out but the problem can cause more significant damage. Make sure you get the Heat Pump Repairs you need if your heat pump is short cycling.

4. No Air Is Blowing Through A Vent

If you turned on your heat pump and noticed that one vent isn't blowing any air, you may have a leaky or blocked ventilation duct. Here's why you need to bite the bullet and call a technician for Heat Pump Repairs.

  • Air duct leaks waste tons of energy by venting your treated air out into the attic space or crawl space.
  • Duct blockages put stress on the equipment. This can cause mechanical failure and will definitely affect how efficient your cooling system runs.

5. Your Energy Bills Hike Up

Heating and cooling a home makes up about half of the energy expense.

As mentioned throughout this article, a lot of different heat pump problems can affect the reliability and energy efficiency of your system. If your energy bills suddenly increase and you can't pinpoint another reason, it could be a problem with your heat pump. A technician can run a system of tests and checks to determine the cause.

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