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How AC Tune-ups Can Help You Beat the Heat in Charlotte

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When you own a Charlotte home with an air conditioner, you expect to stay cool and comfortable all summer. Yet, many unfortunate homeowners find themselves stuck in the heat while waiting for repairs because their equipment never got the AC Tune-Up it needs.

Summer is already in full-swing in the Charlotte area, but you can still enjoy the benefits of getting an AC Tune-Up Service from a local AC company.

Getting An AC Tune Up

AC Tune-Ups cover all the tasks needed to get your equipment prepared for the summer. Be sure to call an AC company to schedule an AC Tune-Up Service this year. This preventive service is designed to help you avoid surprise break downs so you can stay comfortable throughout our Charlotte summers.

Ideally, an AC Tune-Up should be performed before you need to turn the air conditioner on for the warm season, but it's never too late to maintain your equipment.

Fine-Tuning Your AC For Optimal Efficiency

In addition to all the tasks mentioned above, our Charlotte AC company can focus on fine-tuning the air conditioning equipment for optimal efficiency. This may mean installing a zoning system to take the stress off your machine if the layout of the ductwork or other issues cause one room or area to stay warmer than the rest of the house.

It can also mean repairing any ductwork leaks that are causing your high energy bills and putting a strain on your system. Leaky air ducts can be a major problem for you and your family this summer if they're not identified and repaired.

Replacing Your AC Filter Every Month

Replacing the AC filter every month may seem like an insignificant task, but your equipment does depend on having a clean filter. When dust, dander, pet hair, and other contaminants are clogging the filter, the machinery will have to labor to force the air through. This stress is enough to cause catastrophic failure, and will most certainly hike up your summer air conditioning bills.

Choose A Quality AC Filter Replacement

It's understandable to want to go the cheapest route when purchasing air conditioning filters. However, these filters are often flimsy and don't trap the pollutants well enough. On the other hand, the most expensive filter is often a waste of your hard-earned dollar.

Aim to use filters that fall somewhere in the middle. They'll work much better than the cheap filters and will do just as good of a job as the most expensive.

Remember, the filter is there to protect your heating and cooling system, not to clean your indoor air. An indoor air cleaner can be installed onto your air conditioner and will work automatically to improve your indoor air quality.

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