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Tips on Finding a Reliable AC Company Near You

Tips on finding a reliable ac company

If you're relatively new to home ownership, you'll eventually be searching for a reliable AC company near you for air conditioning repair and other services. Unfortunately, too many homeowners get stuck in a situation where they have to get service from anyone willing to provide emergency repairs.

Being prepared in advance will offer you and your family many benefits, so it wouldn't hurt to start looking now to get an AC tune-up or maintenance! To help you make wise decisions about the company you choose, read the following tips from our pros at Air Doctor of The Carolinas on finding a reliable AC company near you.

Are They Licensed and Insured?

You probably already know that the company you choose should be licensed and insured. Did you know you can ask to see a copy of their license and certificate of insurance?

There may be times when you're not comfortable with the answer you're getting over the phone and want to verify the information. Their documents will provide the details about what type of insurance coverage and licensing they really have.

What Type of References Can They Offer You?

When searching for a reliable air conditioning company near you, checking references is one of the most important steps. Getting the name and phone number of one or two customers will give you a good starting place to find out what type of service you can also expect.

Be sure to check everywhere you can online as well, to include social media comments, their reputation with the BBB, and their website. Combined with the word of mouth you received over the phone, you should be set to get the reliable service you need.

How Much Experience Do Their Technicians Have?

You probably want to find an AC company who's been around awhile, true, but what's truly important is the experience of their technicians. When you call for service, who shows up, the technician or the company?

As you ask the question when you make calls, you'll find that just because an AC company recently got started, it doesn't mean that their technicians did too - and vice versa.

For instance, all of our technicians have a minimum of 6 years of industry experience, our company was established in 2012, and our founder and lead techs have anywhere from 20 to 30 years of individual experience. If you only ask about the company, you're not getting the whole story.

Can The AC Company Provide Emergency Service?

It's beneficial to just make one call to the same company for all your service needs. At some point, you'll run into an emergency situation with your heating and cooling system, so be sure to ask if they can provide you with emergency service.

Find out what their normal hours are and also ask about any fees associated with an emergency service. An emergency service call is almost always going to cost a little more.

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